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52nd Auction - February 15th & March 7th-11th, 2022 - Auction | Lot: 14199

Starting Price: 10.000 €

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1870/1873, comprehensive and specialized collection of the Cérès issues (Yvert N°36-60), comprising perforated stamps together with a strong part of 'BORDEAUX' issues, including many valuable and attractive items, i.a. Bordeaux 1 C olive horizontal pair with typographic cancellation; 2 C red-brown single franking on wrapper; 4 C yellowish grey, report I used; 1 C olive, 4 C grey, 5 C green and 10 C brown, very unusual 4-colour franking on letter from Bordeaux; 20 C blue (Yv.44, report 1) single on entire letter from Fougeres; three used examples 20 C blue (Yv.44, report 1) including one item with GC '5082' (Beyrouth); 20 C blue (Yv.46) plating study of report 1 and report 2 with 15 different stamps each; 30 C brown horizontal pair with GC '2708'; 30 C brown and 40 C Cérès (Yv.38) on entire letter from Limoges to Paris; two examples 40 C with scarce colour "rouge-sang clair" (one with certificate Robineau); one example 40 C probably with very rare colour "jaune citron"; 80 C rose mixed franking with 10 C Napoleon on registered letter from Bonneville and many other interesting items of the Bordeaux issue. In addition five entire letters BALLONS MONTES including ballons "Victor Hugo, Gironde and Poste de Paris" and one letter with single 30 C Napoleon addressed to Liège in Belgium. Furthermore an attractive array of perforated Cérès stamps with used multiples, letters, postcards, interesting postmarks, essays and colour proofs together with a collection of stamps from German Occupation Alsace/Lorraine. Highly recommended collection and compilation of classic French Philately!


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