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52. Auktion am 15. Februar & 7 - 11.März 2022 - Auction | Lot: 15219

Startpreis: 4.000 €

Preise zuzüglich Aufgeld und Steuern



1863-1921, collection on album-pages, both mint and used, neatly arranged. From first issue (including postages dues), Duboz high deminations, better perforations, proofs and overprints. Empire with rare high denominations (25 P), impoforated items; "IMPRIME" 1891/92 with rare and genuine stamps, later issues with MATBUA and stamps for interior/exterior. 1911 Sultan`s Trip nearly complete mint, commerative including 200 P. Sulzan Mehmed. An attractive opportunity, untouched and in good condition, rarely seen in this comprehensiveness


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