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52. Auktion am 15. Februar & 7 - 11.März 2022 - Auction | Lot: 12754

Startpreis: 3.500 €

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1856-1916 Exhibition collection (Large Silver award, Berlin 1988) of about 100 covers, letters, postcards and postal stationery items as well as used stamps (some on pieces) well written up on pages, plus additions, including four stampless covers (1839-52), an 1891 letter with gold/silver monogram and original signature of President Porfirio Diaz, stamps and covers etc. from first 1856 issue including special cancellations, covers franked by bisected or quarter of stamps (quarter of 1856 8r. on cover with Rendon certificate), Hidalgo issues with a special part cancellations, and later issues, also with eight Wells Fargo and two Hidalgo Express p/s envelopes (most of them used), further issues, 'back of the book' items, and a special part 1914-16 Civil War Locals.


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