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38. Auktion Oktober 2017 | Los: 6253

Ausruf: 8.000 € | Zuschlag: 21.000 €

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1897, red revenues 2/cents (2), 1 C. tied three strikes brown customs dater "CUSTOMS CHEFOO MAY 1 1897" to red band cover to Inchon/Korea. On reverse lunar date by sender "3rd moon 30th day" and brown dispatch mark "CUSTOMS CHEFOO MAY 7 1897". All are type B of Chefoo customs dater. Addressed to a Mr. Wang c/o Meyer & Co. Sent by a Wang company in Chefoo, perhaps a relative. Meyer & Co. was established 1866 in Hong Kong by Hamburg merchants Hermann Constantin Eduard Meyer (1841-1926) and his brother H. D. Johannes Meyer. Tientsin branch followed in 1873, then Hamburg (1877), London (1883), Shanghai, Hankow, Chinan and Tsingtao etc. The chinese name of the company was "Mee Yeh Yang Hong" with trade names "Golden Dragon" and "Upon Novels." By recommandation of Paul von Moellendorff, first western advisor to Korean king Kojong (1852-1919), he ordered to open another branch in Chemulpo (Inchon, Jenchuan, Ninsen). This was done in May 1884 by Meyers business partner, Carl Andreas Wolter (1858-1916) with employee Sites. This was the first western business co. admitted to Korea, which also built the first western style bldg. in Korea: a sort of palace which was destroyed in Sept. 1950 with MacArthurs amphibious landing during the korean war. In 1886 Carl Luehrs joined, two more branches opened in Pusan and Andong. The Korea branch had a sort of import-export monopoly for the korean govt. to 1905. E. Meyer was honorary korean consul in Hamburg/Germany 1886-1906. The company exists in Hamburg until today. - Up to now only two other Red Revenue covers to Korea are recorded, both sent from Shanghai 1897.7.16 and to Meyer&Co. as well (Hwa 2003 pp. 166/67 resp. The Revenues surcharges... 1984, pp. 148/149). The first recorded Red Revenue cover with the Chefoo Customs dater as cancellation, despite ca. 28 other Red Revenue cover usages from Chefoorecorded by Benjamin Hwa. A spectacular Red Revenue cover to Korea, from the Meyer&Co. archival find in September, 2016.


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