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38. Auktion Oktober 2017 | Los: 12991A

Ausruf: 15.000 € | Zuschlag: 16.000 €

Preise zuzüglich Aufgeld und Steuern.


1856, 4 cents black on magenta, signed by the postal clerk Wight "EDW", unused example, like usual in quite defective condition and showing the common surface abrasions repainted. The stamp has been affixed on a small piece of paper in order to strengthen it. In unused condition ONE OF THE GREATEST RARITIES OF BRITISH GUIANA, ONLY THREE ARE RECORDED (all defective). The example from the John du Pont Grand Prix collection (lot 60072 top of design added and repainted) sold for 32.000 EUR. Our stamp is signed by the famous french rarity dealer Theophile Lemaire (1865-1943) who also owned a Mauritius Post Office stamp. SG 24


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