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1930/1937 "GRAF ZEPPELIN LZ-127 SOUTH AMERICA AIRMAIL 1930-1937 // The Brian Callan Collection": Multiple international award-winning exhibition collection of more than 250 covers, postcards and postal stationery items well written up on 128 pages, with a lot of scarce and rare covers from various countries depicting sections 1) Pre-commercial South America Flights 1930 & 1931, 2) Launch of Commercial Scheduled Flights 1932, 3) Commercial Service 1933 - including Century of Progress flight to USA, 4) Commercial South America Service 1934 - including the only flight to Argentina, and 5) DLH Support Services 1935-1937 - where airship primarily carried printed matter and on board mail. This extraordinary collection won several Large Gold Awards (Chicagopex 2022 with 93 points, Aerophilately 2022 (US Award)-93 p., San Diego 2022 with also American Airmail Gold Medal Award, Canpex 2021, Aeropex (Australia) 2019 and many more), and it contains a lot of information and highlights like 1930 Brazil 10$000 on 30$000 on cover, 1930 US Zeppelin cover to Australia or rare Nicaragua cover to Germany by Zeppelin back flight, German 1931 4 RM "Polarfahrt" used on cover by 2nd South America Flight, German Zeppelin cover 1932 to Ecuador, 1932 cover from Monaco to Argentina by 8th South America flight, Colombia-Brazil mixed franking on cover to Germany, the only known covers from Ireland to Peru by 2nd - or Iceland to Peru by 5th South America flights 1933, each with connection flight, rare Zeppelin mail from Afghanistan, Chad, Dahomey, Iraq, Italian Somalia, Kuwait, Morocco, Senegal, Togo and many remarkable items more. A GREAT AND IMPORTANT SPECIALIZED COLLECTION OF ZEPPELIN MAIL.

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