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1874/1879, POSTAL STATIONERY CARDS OF LUXEMBURG: very comprehensive, specialized collection with more than 350 mint & used postcards from P1 to P38. The collection is presented on exhibition pages, comprising an attractive and valuable array of postcards in different types and denominations, i.a. plate positions, printing characteristics & errors, provisional "devalued" issues (Mi.P25/27), various colours & shades and other remarkable specialities. In addition a very rare compilation of ca.90 postcard ESSAYS and PROOFS in unissued colours and denominations. Furthermore enclosed is a group of 14 mint & used provisional postcard forms from 1918/1919, due to the shortening of stationery cards in WWI. Also included is a valuable collection of Relais postmarks (double circle "POSTES RELAIS" from N°1-N°13) with ca.35 postcards and ca.40 stamps. Highly recommended and exceptional source for advanced collectors!

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