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53 - 6484

6.000 €

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1919/1920, Issues for Slovenia, deeply specialised top collection of apprx. 2.920 mint stamps (incl. postage dues and newspaper stamps) with special emphasis on CHAINBREAKER issues, neatly arranged on album pages and showing papers, printings, multiples, various perforations, imperfs/partly imperfs, rouletted stamps, proofs, watermarks etc. etc., some are expertised. Created by the renowned "Chainbreaker" collector Zdene Skok; the identification (in pencil) on album pages by renowned "Chainbreaker" expert Helmut Knobelbauer. Surely one of the best collections ever assembled!

53 - 6485

8.000 €

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1919/1921, POSTMARKS OF SLOVENIA, extraordinary top collection of the Slovenian postmarks on early issues of newly founded state of Yugoslavia (Chainbreaker and related), well collected on apprx. 530 album pages, comprising stamps and entires, well collected from Apače/Abstall to Žužemberk/Seisenberg incl. small towns/villages. The collection shows the great range of postmarks of this area, with old Austrian marks, adopted postmarks (German name erased) bilingual marks and newly introduced Slovenian marks. The entry for each settlement is accompanied by noted dates (earliest/latest/other known) of usage provided by "Chainbreaker" collectors Zdene Skok, Helmut Knobelbauer, Klaus Wieland etc. Really a marvellous offer, it took countless of hours to build a powerful collection like this - excellent opportunity!

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