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1840/1900 ca. QUEEN VICTORIA, very comprehensive collection with ca.550 used stamps and ca.50 franked letters/covers. Included is an attractive array of scarce items, i.a. "One Penny Black" (7 examples + 1 one letter), 2d blue (SG #5, 2 examples), 1847 'embossed' issue complete set square-cut, surface issues with numerous rarities, i.a. SG #121, 127 Pl.2, 128, 129, 130, 185, 186 and many other valuable stamps. Furthermore remarkably specialized in plate numbers, many inverted watermarks, various postmarks and plenty of interesting letters, for example SG #72 single on letter to Spain, SG #92 single on letter to Amsterdam, SG #117 Pl.4 single on letter to Hongkong, SG #150 single on letter to Mexico, SG #153 & 166 mixed franking on letter to Spain, SG #156 single on letter to Bombay and other useful postal history material. Recommended! SG CV 80.000.-£++

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