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9.500 €

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1995/96, Big lot IMPERFORATED stamps for investors or specialist containing 4 different issues in special formats, there are Scott #1451 pair "People with Disabilities" imperforated, with 9 vertical single gutter pairs, 20 vertical double gutter pairs, 5 double horizontal gutter pairs, 7 booklet panes and some parts of the stamp sheet, in all 375 stamps (Michel 1488/89), Scott #1478 "Australien Day $1" with 22 imperforated stamps including 1 horizontal gutter pair (Michel 1529), Scott #1490b souvenir sheet "Cuscus", 2 uncutted s/s pairs without overprint and 4 uncutted s/s pairs with overprint "... Indonesia '96" and as a very special item a complete printing sheet containg 40 imperforated souvenir sheets without overprint (Michel Bl. 21, 21 I) and closing 3 imperforated souvenir sheet "Kangaroos of Australia" overprinted "China '96 ..." and a part of a printing sheet containing 20 imperforated Kangaroos-s/s (Michel Bl. 22).

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3.000 €

6.000 €

1913/2013, extraordinary specialised collection in 5 binders and one stockbook, with enjoyable emphasis on the pre-QEII issues, showing a marvellous spcialised section of Kangaroos and KGV stamps up to high denominations, gutter pairs, margins imprints, colours/shades, officials; not to forget apprx. 180 covers/cards/stationery of this pre-QEII section are offering a stunning array of postal history with plenty of interesting items. An outstanding opportunity!



4.000 €

14.000 €

1913-2013, very attractive collection in ten Lighthouse albums with many better items starting with a specialised part of Kangaroos incl. 1st wmk. to 10s., 3rd wmk. with 5s. (4), 10s. (3) and 1pd. grey, SM. and CofA wmks. to 10s. and KGV heads to 1s4d (all wmks. represented) incl. different Dies, shades, inverted watermarks, varieties etc., commemorative and later definitive issues with many better stamps/sets incl. 5s. Harbour bridge, three Kookaburra panes of four, Robes to 1 Pd. both papers incl. 3d white wattles, navigators to 2pd., Coil pairs etc., a large quantity of SPECIMEN opts. with Kangaroos from 1st wmk. on incl. different types, great parts of Official stamps incl. large and small OS and complete set of optd. OS, Postage Dues incl. many monocoloureds to 5s., BCOF set, the modern part with miniature sheets (incl. opts.), se-tenant issues, booklet panes, large section of the Koala/Kangaroo reprints, Framas and others, Australian Antarctic Territory and and and.........., mint never hinged and mint hinged (a few without gum, some with tonespots etc.) in the earlier period, very high catalogue and face value and only a very small part can be shown on the foto-plate so please take some time for a careful inspection!!



1.500 €

7.200 €

1913-1990's: Comprehensive mint collection Australia, Antarctic Terr., and some Islands, from early issues (incl. some valuable stamps) to good part FDC's (from 1927) and modern stamps incl. booklets, s/s's etc, plus some albums with hundreds of covers and FDC's. A fine and clean collection in 17 albums. Recommendable! (K3)



1.200 €

6.400 €

1916, Kangaroo 1 £ chocolate and dull blue 3rd wmk. mint never hinged MNH with pencil signature, SG. £ 2.500 ++ (BW. 52 A, A$ 7.000)



2.000 €

6.200 €

1901/2009 (ca.), excellent collection in 43 (!) volumes on self-made album pages with fine used stamps (some mint stamps mainly in the modern period) incl. lots of better items starting with Roo's to 10/- (CofA wmk.), CofA SPECIMEN set, KGV heads to 1'4d (all wmks. represented) incl. shades, some plate flaws and inverted watermarks, commemorative and later definitive issues incl. high values, some imprints and gutter pairs, many blocks of four or larger, se-tenant strips and coil stamps, booklets and booklet panes, miniature sheets, official issues etc. and additionally hundreds of covers (incl. some FDC) and postal stationeries beginning with Australian States (Commonwealth period, no single stamps!), Kangaroos and KGV incl. officials going up to very modern issues with many scarce and uncommon pre-decimal and decimal issues, interesting postal rates, destinations, registered and airmail covers incl. First Flights, Commemorative and Relief cancels, some covers used in Papua New Guinea, postal stationery incl. early issues with some pictorial lettercards, registered letters, envelopes incl. PTPO, aerogrammes, PSE's incl. many commercially used ones, lots of uprated items and and and ......., a wonderful collection and ideal for expansion - a careful inspection is a must!!

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