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Netherlands Indies

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42 - 19657

2.800 €

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1874/1942. Charming exhibit THE NETHERLANDS INDIES POSTAL STATIONERY stored on 80 competent arranged sheets with descriptive annotations and explanations. The purpose of this collection is to show the different varieties of this topic, to trace the development of the entires with the changes in color, format and face values, together with the reason for these alterations, and to show the various aspects of usage, including the unusual. All cards and covers are shown in the order of date of issue. On the whole there are five sections: 1st - Showing the first card with King Willem III face, starting from trial color proof 5c reply card (1873) to 5c green (1885). 2nd - Showing Numeral isue postal cards 5c green (1887) to 7½c brown (1921). 3rd - Showing Queen Wilhelmina issue postal card 12½c (1922) incl. reply card, Numeral (1922) incl. reply card, Buffalo (1931) and removal card (1915/1934). 4th - Showing the first issue postal cover 10c brown with King Willem III face (1878) to 10c violet (1900). 5th - Showing Queen Wilhelmina 10c cover (1902) to 12½c letter sheet (1922) and 7½c letter sheet Buffalo (1936). In all sections there are many varieties like different type colors, papers, nominations, rates, overprints, specimen, sucharges and some others more. Please look at this interesting exhibit and you will be pleased! (S)

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Netherlands Indies

1.500 €

5.200 €

1864, Willem III 10 C. tied boxed "FRANCO" to chinese cover w. "RIOUW 2/4 1866" alongside to Rembang w. red "9/4 1866" arrival on address side. Left side partially lupe margin to slightly touched, otherwise full to large margins.


Netherlands Indies

2.500 €

5.300 €

1868, two stampless envelopes endorsed „Per Landmail via Marseilles” from SEMARANG (on reverse also red s. l. „JAPARA”) to Antwerp/Belgium: 13/5/1868 with circular framed „F./26” and large „10” (decimes), envelope roughly opened on reverse and backflap icpl.; 12/1/1868 with oval framed „F./27” and large „96” (decimes);


Netherlands Indies

400 €

6.000 €

1850/1949 ca., über 700 überwiegend frankierte Briefe und Karten (kleiner Teil Ganzsachen, wenige Belege mit Freistempler), meist aus den Gebieten Niederländisch Indiens nach Niederlande/Europa. Tlw. ist auch Post innerhalb oder aus Europa nach Niederländisch Indien enthalten. Vereinzelt auch seltenere Destinationen, wie z.B. nach Südamerika. Zwei Belege offensichtlich aus der Zeit der Okkupation von Sumatra durch Japan im 2. Weltkrieg. Große Vielfalt an Frankaturen und Stempeln und hoher Anteil eingeschriebener und Luftpost-Briefe. Viele interessante Postleitvermerke, Nachsendungen, Stempel usw., es sind auch einige Zensurbriefe enthalten. Naturgemäß unterschiedliche Qualität mit vielen Prachtbelegen. Ex Bestand Peters/USA. Eine ganz außergewöhnliche Fundgrube für den Spezialisten oder gut zur Auflösung geeignet!.

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