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Thematics: costumes

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From 1802 to nowadays. Extensive exhibition collection 'Costumes of the world - The world of costumes' on 80 sheets - attractive, homemade design with expert comments (in German). The collection covers both the material basics of costume (fabrics, patterns, costume elements) and the more intangible aspects of costume (occasions and celebrations, art and literature, costume and politics, and more). The philatelic material included ranges from covers, postcards and postal stationery to stamps including special features such as se-tenants or stamp booklets. There are many interesting cancellations and uses and a number of good and best pieces, such as GB 1840 Mulready cover, GB 1850 Valentine cover, France letter card for the World's Fair Paris 1900 on the aspect 'The costume in the caricature', fancy cancel 'Hat' on US cover 1929, different proofs for the 10 S stamp of the Costume issue Austria 1950 (Michel #926), and many interesting items more. A fine collection - and whoever warms up to such a topic: get it!

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