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Thematics: Medicine & Health

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1800/2000 (approx.). Highly interesting exhibition collection "Against tuberculosis - the worldwide fight against a human scourge" on 121 pages. The collection is divided into three main sections: 1. The long road to the discovery of tuberculosis bacteria, 2. Causes and nature of the disease, and 3. The global fight against the disease. German text. Included are a large number of the best and very best pieces, such as Generalgouvernement 1943 cpl. proof sheet Copernicus (in his time K. was more famous as a doctor than today as an astronomer), German Empire 1915 telegram from Robert Koch, England 1841 One Penny Mulready with advertising, further many rare private entires, proofs, signed artist proofs, special registered mail, rare stamp booklets, misprints, errors and varieties and much more. A valuable and informative collection waiting for your detailed inspection. It's worth it!

43 - 33051

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STRUGGLES AGAINST INFECTION / KAMPF GEGEN INFEKTIONEN: Most famous exhibition collection (won Large Gold in Indonesia 2012) on 128 pages, filled up with a large number of very special covers, cards, stamps, souvenir sheets, booklets, advertisement items, etc, including many proofs, imperforated stamps, varieties, early covers and documents (from an old 1774 Venetian document, with desinfected covers from all over the world, 1870/71 Balloon mail from Paris, and many others). The collection is structured: 1) Investigation of enemy and factors before entering into; 2) Ecodemic Evolution; 3) Struggles after entering; 4) Invasion of common infectious diseases and 5) Aftermath. A MOST ATTRACTIVE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION FAR ABOVE AVERAGE.

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