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53 - 5759

20.000 €

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1846/1980 (ca.), holding of apprx. 135 prepared single lots with plenty of interesting and better material from All World. Comprises e.g. a good section Poland incl. locals like Luboml Fischer 1/5A in mini sheets incl. "inverted figures" (certificate Korszen) and Przedborz proofs, 1956 Olympic Games set imperf. proofs, Baltic states varieties, 1969 Libya unissued "Coat of Arms" 20 values on approval sheet (only 50 sets printed; Sassone 20.000,- € for set of 18 without two values previously unknown), Leeward Island 1897 overprint set on cover incl. 5s. double surcharge (SG 16a, certificate Philatelic Foundation), various overseas issues like early Australia, USA Scott #1 with stitch watermark (PSE certificate) and Scott #67 unused no gum, Argentinia 1935 proofs, USA 1869 Pictorial issue ABN PROOF BOOK comprising all ten values (EXTREMELY RARE AND MOST ATTRACTIVE, COULD BE THE ONLY SURVIVING PIECE!), nice selection of worldwide postal history, Italy 1928 Nobile's Polar Expedition RARE OVERPRINT PROOFS, Hungary 1930s/1940s hand-drawn sketches, Yemen 1964 rare overprints used on cover (Michel 57a, 80a, 81a, 69/71, 5.330,- € for used singles), Argentinia 1901/1914 Revenue sets, etc. etc. A magnificent treasure of international philately with many rare specialities, due to late arrival offered as one lot, suits perfectly for break-up!

53 - 5760

2.500 €

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Since ~1860, big and interesting letter collection in three thick binders with about 1000 covers. Mainly Europe including Germany and a lot oversea, mainly postal stationery, also a lot of airmail, Zeppelin-post and many more. A lot with postal history. ÷ Ab ca. 1860 ganz interessante große und alte Briefmarkensammlung in drei dicken Ordnern, mit insgesamt rund 1000 Belegen, teils dicht gesteckt. Schwerpunkt Europa inkl. Deutschland aber auch etliches Material Übersee, hauptsächlich Ganzsachen, dazu viel Flugpost. Zeppelinpost u.v.m. Eine Partie mit viel Postgeschichte.

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