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Disinfection Mail

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1716/1911, extraordinary exhibit collection of 52 disinfected letters with several very rare and exceptional pieces, e.g. 1716 letter bearing seal of the Florentine Medical Board (one of three known), 1826 letter with oval mark "COMIS.SANITARIA PROVINCIALE ASCOLI", 1831+1835 letters showing both types of circular "COMMISSIONE DI SANITA DELLA PROVINCIA DI BOLOGNA", 1855 letter bearing clear strike of oval "juniper berry" mark of Bologna, 1814 Rothenthurn (Pasul Turnu Roșu/Romania) letter bearing circular "SIGILLUM SANITATIS" mark, Serbia showing 1885 letter with circular "Sukovski Most" mark, 1851 Aleksinac letter, 1838 Raca letter, 1839 Kragujevac letter, etc.

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