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1850-1865 ”JEWELS OF CLASSIC SPAIN”: Specialized collection of top items of the imperforated classic issues of Spain, with about 40 covers, part covers and pieces, plus hundreds of mint and used stamps, including reconstructed sheets/blocks of first issue (with 10 reales reconstructed block of 30), stamps and extraordinary covers of the second issue (1851) including 2 reales orange-red mint and used singles, a pair and a cover, or a mint block of four of the 10r., also a lot of selected rarities of the following issues like 1853 2r. on piece, 1853 3cs. used, 1854 2cs. green on bluish paper mint strip of three and 6cs. sheet of 81, both are the largest known multiples of the resp. stamp, 1862 complete set of complete sheets, etc., up to 1865 issue including 1r. green block of 47 on judical letter, and many others. Find also some extraordinary covers, rare frankings, postmarks and destinations as first issue 10r. two pairs plus 5r. strip of four used on judical letter, 1851 10r., 12cs and 6cs. on cover, 1851 cover franked 12cs. strip of seven, or 1851 2 reales pair along with 10r. strip of three plus 6cs. on judical letter, and later covers including destinations as Argentina, Cuba, Peru or Philippines. Most of the items accompanied by certificates of famous experts. A MOST IMPRESSIVE, EXTRAORDINARY AND UNIQUE COLLECTION OF RARITIES OF CLASSIC SPAIN, AND A PHANTASTIC BASIS FOR AN INTERNATIONAL LARGE GOLD MEDAL COLLECTION. (K)

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6.000 €

9.000 €

1850/1949, a splendid mint collection in a KA/BE album, well collected throughout from classics to 1940s; apparently more or less complete during some of the periods, some slightly varied but overall good condition; the specialist should view this marvellous and interesting lot very intensively. EXCLUSIVELY MINT COLLECTIONS ARE RARELY OFFERED, EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY!



20.000 €

38.000 €

1850/2010, SPAIN/AREA IN 30 ALBUMS, an OVERWHELMING AND ALL-EMBRACING COLLECTION which shows the magnificent diversity of the country's philately in a very convincing way and enables every potential buyer TO START the country FROM THE TOP. This TREASURY was collected in parallel mint and used, beginning from the classics with many better items, partially expertized. WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE is the STUNNING PART of VARIETIES, SPECIALITIES like imperfs, partial imperfs, double imprints, perfins, fiscals, vignettes, complete sheets, bisected stamps and whatever you can imagine. NOT LESS IMPRESSIVE is the LARGE SECTION of CIVIL WAR ISSUES in all their diversity with many rarely seen items. Finally - COLONIES/AREA incl. Andorra, Cuba and Philippines are offering very good collections with many interesting issues which are difficult to find. UNDOUBTFULLY one of the BEST AND MOST VERSATILE COLLECTIONS OF SPAIN - a chance to be seized!



50.000 €

112.000 €

1850/1962, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTABLE: It is not only an INCREDIBLE COLLECTION - NO - it is FAR MORE than that, it CERTAINLY would not be exaggerated to say that it is a MAGNIFICENT ARTWORK OF SPANISH PHILATELY which you can find in that 2 precious Marini albums. CLASSIC SPAIN has alway been one of the most interesting and valuable topics of philately - but to see a MINT AND OFTEN UNMOUNTED MINT COLLECTION must exceed any imagination. This MASTERPIECE is more or less COMPLETE with an inevitably overwhelming strength in the classic and semiclassic items, most of them signed; to be mentioned: 1850 Isabella 5 values, 1851 Isabella 6 values, 1853 Isabella 5 values, 1853 Coat of Arms 2 values, 1854 Coat of Arms 8 values, 1855 Isabella 4 values, 1856 Isabella 4 values, 1860 labella 6 values, 1865 Isabella 7 values, the following perforated issues also collected very intensively incl. all rare stamps. The 1920s to 1950s showing the good issues, commemoratives, overprints, airmails, express stamps ect. The Back of Book section should also be well considered as there is a very good part 1936/45 locals, officials, fiscals, telegraphs, Carlistic Post ect. It definitely needed DECADES to form this collection by enormous financial and time-consuming efforts; the decision to ACQUIRE IT NOW is surely much EASIER to make, since it is an opportunity which you get only once in a lifetime!



4.000 €

6.050 €

1850-1960, Prachtsammlung im Album auf selbstgestalteten Albumblättern über weite Strecken komplett mit etlichen Spitzenwerten u.a. sehr schöner Klassikteil mit 1850 Isabella 10 R. grün sign. Pfenninger, 1851 Isabella 6 R. blau sign. Diena, 1873 Hispania 10 Pta. violettbraun (FA der BPA 1956), 1905 Don Quijote, 1920 Weltpostkongreß, 1927 Aufdruckausgaben, 1930 Eisenbahnkongreß, 1931 Kloster Montserrat, 1938 U-Boot-Block und Miliz, 1940 Jungfrau von Pilar mit Flugpost kpl., 1950 100 J. Briefmarken auf FDC usw., sauber gestempelte und empfehlenswerte Sammlung mit hohem Katalogwert und kaum einmal in dieser Reichhaltigkeit angeboten!



0 €

7.000 €

SPANIEN & KOLONIEN: ca. 1850-1965, umfassende gepflegte und teils nach Farben und Stempel spezialisierte alte Sammlung in 2 Bänden, dabei ein sehr guter Klassik- und Semiklassikteil, 30er/40er Jahre, etc., erwähnenswert ist die überdurchschnittliche Qualität. Einen kleinen Eindruck entnehmen Sie bitte den Abbildungen, enormer Katalogwert! (A2)



7.500 €

9.200 €

1853: Stadtpostmarke für Madrid, 3 Cs. bronze, voll/breitrandiges Luxusstück, ungebraucht mit nahezu vollem Originalgummi. Eine außerordentlich seltene Marke. Nur wenige ungebrauchte Exemplare sind bekannt. Fotoattest BPSB. E (KW Michel 15.000,- €; Edifil No. 23)



8.000 €

8.600 €

1850-2008 (ca.): Herausragende Sammlung in 9 Alben mit umfangreichem Klassikteil und ab etwa 1950 postfrisch augenscheinlich komplett. Viele mit Attest geprüfte Werte wie Michel-Nr. 21, 71, 83, 106 ungebraucht und 91 gestempelt, diverse Briefe und Ganzsachen, Paare, Einheiten, Vignetten aus der Bürgerkriegszeit, usw. Katalogwert n.A.d.E. ca. 58.000,- €. Ein Objekt, das man gesehen haben muss!



3.500 €

8.600 €

Ab 1850, Sammlung postfrisch/ungebraucht und gebraucht, hauptsächlich der Anfangsjahre bis ca. 1950, es fehlen nur einige der absoluten Spitzen, sonst sehr gut besetzt. Die Qualität ist überwiegend tadellos und frisch. Eine schöne Sammlung.



6.500 €

15.000 €

1850/1980 collection housed in three Lighthouse hingeless albums, very advanced collection of mint and used material from 1850 to 1980, includes stamps, souvenir sheets, errors, varieties and related material, noted the 1850 6c mint hinged, the 1850 12c unused, the 1850 10r unused, the 1851 10r unused, the 1852 6r mint hinged, the 1853 12c mint hinged, the 1854 2r unused, the 1855 2c to 2r mint hinged, the 1865 imperf 12c to 2r mint hinged, the 1865 perf 2c, 12c and 1r mint hinged, the 1866 19c and 20c mint hinged, the 1867 19c mint hinged, the 1868-1869 25m to 19c mint hinged, the 1870 1e600m to 19c mint hinged, the 1872-1873 4P mint hinged, the 1873 4P mint hinged, the 1874 4P and 10P mint hinged, the 1875 4P and 10P mint hinged, the 1879 4P mint hinged, the 1889 4P and 10P mint hinged, then essentially complete from 1900 to 1936 mint hinged, the 1938 Submarine set and souvenir sheet, then complete from 1940 to 1980 mostly mint never hinged, complete semipostals with errors, the 1937 Alcazar imperforate souvenir sheets, better airmails with the 1938 Flags souvenir sheet (C97c) and the 1938 Defenders souvenir sheet (CB6b), the 1931 air officials imperforate and without overprints, also the Carlist 1873 1r mint hinged, and then a very advanced and nearly complete collection of the Civil War local issues from Burgos, Cadiz, Huevar, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Zargoza, the Canary Islands and elsewhere, with the better souvenir sheets, condition is very fine throughout, Scott catalogue about 95.000.- (?)

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