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1866/1880, MICHAEL AND MILAN ISSUES, extraordinary specialised collection of apprx. 40 covers and apprx. 240 stamps, well arranged on 44 written up album pages. Collected are varieties, nice range of postal history with interesting and rare frankings, multiples, perforations, shades, etc. Prince Michael Vienna printing all issues are represented incl. 20pa. multiple (Dr.Kardosh p. 171, CHF 1,600), 40pa. plate varieties and nice piece with 20pa.+2x40pa. (Dr.Kardosh p. 171, CHF 750), two covers with 20pa. Vienna printing (CHF 1,000). Pelure paper issue shows all values with different shades, two strips of three of 40pa. (Dr.Kardosh p. 172, CHF 1,200), double weight domestic cover with extremely rare single franking of 40pa. (Dr.Kardosh p. 172, CHF 4,000). Exceptional selection of Prince Milan stamps by printings and scarce perforations, multiples and unusual cancellations. Array of postal rates for domestic and foreign mail presented on several covers, incl. two bisects of 40pa. and in addition three newspapers.

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