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1866/1953, extensive exhibition collection "Turkish and Independent Kingdom" with main part starting in 1922, the collection is mounted on 98 sheets with about 80 covers, stamps on piece and many single stamps, including about 100 cut stamps or Proofs as well as 80 stamps with perforations, also in units, partly from the Palace-Collection King Fuad resp. Faruk, also rare covers including registered mail 1894 with 10 stamps to Buenos Aires, airmail letters, Zeppelin, covers with Congress postmark etc. seen. This private collection was exhibited in 1984 at the invitation of the World Postal Congress in the posthistorical exhibition in Pavilion 2, corresponding brochure as well as invitation card, deligate folder and book on Egypt enclosed as well as copies from handbook of George L. Lee, excerpt see photos in the catalog and net. Translated with (free version)

54 - 7015

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1952/1953, '6 BARS' & OVERPRINT VARIETIES: Mint collection of near to 600 overprinted stamps including many blocks of four, with a first part of Egyptian definitives and airmails 1952 (King of Egypt & Sudan issues), and 1953 3 bars/6 bars issues, plus a second similar part of issues for Palestine, with a lot of items showing inverted and/or double overprints, other varieties as major flaws, and many interesting varieties more.

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