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1938/1955. Collection of 45 ARTIST'S DRAWINGS for stamps of the named period, stored in two albums. There are drawings for the issues: "First flight Marseille-Beirut, Tenth Anniversary", "Definitive: Palmyra", "Proclamation of Independence", "Independence, First Anniversary", "Proclamation of a United Syria", "President Shukri el Kouatly", "Resumption of Constitutional Government", "Definitives: Wheat, President, "First Arab Archaeological Congress", "Third Congress of Arab Engineers", "Inauguration of Compulsory Military Training", "Revolution of March 30, 1949", "Election of President Husni Zayim", "New Constitution Adopted", "Ninth Anniversary of the Evacuation of British and French Troops from Syria". Applied to all artworks: acrylic (also ink if necessary) on paper mounted on card. A few ones with passepartout framing. Different netto sizes (approx.): 95x55mm, 110x60mm, 120x80mm, 150x90mm landscape (but also pursuant to portrait). ALL ARTWORKS ARE UNIQUE. A one-time opportunity to get these interesting items for your collection! (ex Scott #271/365, C88/C193; ex Michel 426/658).

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