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1995/96, Big lot IMPERFORATE stamps for investors or specialist containing 4 different issues in special formats, there are Scott #1451 pair "People with Disabilities" imperforate, with 9 vertical single gutter pairs, 20 vertical double gutter pairs, 5 double horizontal gutter pairs, 7 booklet panes and some parts of the stamp sheet, in all 375 stamps (Michel 1488/89), Scott #1478 "Australien Day $1" with 22 imperforate stamps including 1 horizontal gutter pair (Michel 1529), Scott #1490b souvenir sheet "Cuscus", 2 uncut s/s pairs without overprint and 4 uncut s/s pairs with overprint "... Indonesia '96" and as a very special item a complete printing sheet containing 40 imperforate souvenir sheets without overprint (Michel Bl. 21, 21 I) and closing 3 imperforate souvenir sheet "Kangaroos of Australia" overprinted "China '96 ..." and a part of a printing sheet containing 20 imperforated Kangaroo-s/s (Michel Bl. 22).

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