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Thematik: Tabak

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From 1808 on (approx). First-class exhibition collection 'TABAK - the plant with star-shaped flowers' presented on 105 pages - tastefully self-designed and with expert comments. The collection is divided into 7 main chapters: Discovery of tobacco / Plant that thrives in the nightshade / Requirements for the cultivation of the plant / Cultivation, preparation and processing / World trade and economic importance / Paraphernalia grant increased pleasures / Smoking becomes a cultural asset. Included are best and very best pieces, such as a whole number of great stamp booklets, while Saargebiet Michel MH 1 mint, nh, or even German Reich Michel MH 10.1 B mint, nh, as well as a number of stamp booklets from various countries (France and many others). Many covers, including pre-philatelic pieces, treat the subject with the help of interesting cancellations, uses and destinations, and natural plenty of stamps with many special features such as varieties, proofs, etc. A great collection, the viewing is worth it!

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