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Guatemala - Vorphilatelie

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1768/1871, "Guatemala Postal Markings", extraordinary exhibit on 48 well written up pages, comprising apprx. 84 stampless entires from colonial period incl. some unique pieces, e.g. official mail from the Captain General with his very rare "El Presidente" with crowned marks, the first postmark used in Guatemala, high rates on rare transatlantic mail during this Spanish period, scarce printed matter rate, one of the rare examples of mail between the Principal Mail Admon. and the Postmaster of a subaltern office, patriotic "Viva F. VII" postmarks from Totonicapán and Guatemala City (also on transatlantic mail), rare colonial usages from Comazagua, Zacapa, Mazatenango, Yzabal (two or three recorded), Cuyotenango, Retaluleu, Salamá; the Republic period showing different Tobacco marks, a rare 1825 disinfected entire to France, attractive official marks, postmarks from Amatitlán, Chimaltenango, Sololá, Huehuetenango, Jutiapa, Yzabal, Peté, Escuintla, Gualán, Totonicapán, Mazatenango, Quezaltenango, Salamá, Zacapa, Chiquimula, a wide range of rates, incoming mail, Puerto de San José, Jutiapa and San Marcos postmarks used on stationery card and two early stamps, two rare and different marks from Diligencias de S. Robles, the two dated town markings from Santo Tomás and Yzabal during the pre-stamp period, mail carried the "via Belize" route to Europe, transatlantic mail with Panama postmarks (one with Van Der Linden cert.). Undoubtedly an excellent collection, a lifetime work of a dedicated specialist, generally in good quality!

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