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Indien - Used Abroad

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1865 Formerly DANISH POSSESSION: Entire letter from TRANQUEBAR to Leipzig, Germany via Cuddalore, Madras, Marseilles and Aachen (respective datestamps), franked on face by QV 4a. grey-black and on the reverse with 2a. yellow and 8p. all tied by "C/152" numeral h/s, red "TRANQUEBAR/1865/JU 25" despatch cds on back, and on front with boxed "INSUFFICIENT", French and GB exchange handstamps ("F/38" in double arrow and "GB/1Fr.2(0)C" in diamond), red "INDIA PAID" in crescent and "PD" headed Madras datestamp in red mistakenly (Madras cds stroke out), and Leipzig arrival cds on the reverse. The two adhesives on back were used as 'seals' and damaged when the letter has been opened. Nevertheless an unusual and interesting postal history item from the German/Danish 'Leipzig' Mission in Tranquebar.


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