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1948, NAHARIYA CANCEL #1 MARCH 22, 1948 / 11AM (Struck Front & Back!) on COVER (faults) SENT to KIRYATH BIALIK with 10m Pictorial tied by Next Day Haifa Mandate Datestamp. Several experts have examined this item and agree that it is the "Type-A" (of the first slogan postmark) " designed by Rafaeli has the upper part of the letter 'Lamed' bent backwards, the date '22.3.48' and the Hebrew date were corrected. It can be seen that the second '2' of '22' was '1', and the Hebrew '2' was added to the Hebrew date by hand. Chaim Rafaeli later explained what had happened. He had already drawn the slogan on March 21, but the operation of the service was postponed until March 22. However, several envelopes had already been postmarked with the 21 dated slogan and had to be corrected by hand.


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